Mike's Pie

National Key Lime Pie Champ, Four Times in a Row
So, this guy Mike makes pies. But he's not the pie maker you might picture. The dude played linebacker in the SEC in the 70's. His team at UK never won the NCAA's in college, but his pies on the other hand have laid claim to 13 National Pie Championships.
Joe Ariel - CEO, The Marco Polo of Food

A college linebacker might be the last person you’d think of as a piemaker…unless said baller had a badass, pie-making grandma with some killer recipes. Today, the family matriarch’s recipes are the backbone of this Tampa based, award-winning company, and Mike’s Pies can now be found in menus all across the country. They churn out a lotta pies, but the company’s commitment to quality and the use of only premium and fresh ingredients remains true.

We’re pie crazed over his authentic “Killer Key Lime,” homemade with a graham cracker crust and real Key Lime juice, but wouldn’t kick his “Mississippi Mud Pie” outta bed either. We’re all about that Life of Pie.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Mike’s Pies has laid claim to 13 National Championships at the annual "Great American Pie Festival" and has been featured numerous times on the Food Network.