Our Mission…

  • BBQ from Driftwood, TX
  • Buffalo wings from Buffalo, NY
  • Chili dogs from Cincinnati, OH
  • Cioppino from San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee from Portland, OR
  • Crawfish from Natchitoches, LA
  • Deep dish pizza from Chicago, IL
  • Ice cream from columnbus, OH,
  • Key lime pie from Tampa, FL
  • Pacific salmon from Seattle, WA
  • Pastrami on rye from New York, NY
  • Philly cheese steak from philadelphia, PA
  • Ribs from Memphis, TN

Team of Food Explorers Sets Out To Discover The Most Uniquely Delicious Gourmet Food & Gifts in America…

New York, NY

At Goldbely, we are explorers of food! We are on a mission to discover all things delicious. On our journey, we’re seeking out the legendary local restaurants, amazing artisans and great gourmet food purveyors that produce amazing regional products. The care and craftsmanship that goes into the preparation of their specialty dishes brings us great inspiration. We’re in awe of the history and recipes that are often handed down through generations. It's our passion to discover these treasures. We want to share these stories.

To us, food is best when it is shared. Enjoying great food with friends and family is one of our favorite pastimes. The aroma and flavor of well-crafted food can create nostalgia and brings back memories of special times. At Goldbely, we believe that people long for these experiences.

Our vision is an online marketplace that connects curious eaters with America's best gourmet food purveyors. We are creating an alternative to the food conglomerates and big box retailers that control most of the food world today. By creating an even playing field, we hope to democratize the industry.

We are passionate about making an impact on the future of food, and making the world a yummier place. We hope you will join us on our journey!

Connecting curious eaters with America's greatest food purveyors


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Our Team

We are explorers of food

  • Joe-ariel
    Big Cheese
    Joe Ariel
    The Marco Polo of Food
    “I have not told half of what I ate.”
  • Vanessa-torrivilla
    Design Whisperer
    Vanessa Torrivilla
    The Food Wench
    “The feasting will continue until morale improves.”
  • Trevor-stow
    Trevor Stow
    The Dos Equis Guy of Food
    “I don’t always order food online, but when I do I prefer Goldbely.”
  • Joel-gillman
    Code Guru
    Joel Gillman
    The Jesse Pinkman of Food
    “Here, try some Goldbely.
    First taste is free, yo.”
To contact the team email us: team@goldbely.com

The Legend of Captain Goldbely…

Somewhere in the Yum Galaxy

The legend of Goldbely began in another time, in a parallel universe, where the folk ate a no-good-very-yuck-porridge-like substance for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On one fateful day, a young man encountered a crater and in the center of it, a spaceshipwreck. Not knowing what he'd find he searched through the rubble where he found a small box with a fascinating scent. He opened it up and immediately was taken aback by the aroma that was being let out. Feeling extra adventurous he stuck his finger into this foreign disc shaped object, he scooped out a bit of it and brought it to his lips. It was the most scrumptious morsel he had ever tasted! As he indulged in his newfound treasure, his heart, soul and belly filled with delicious joy.

He ran home to his parents to share what he had found. He then ran to all his friends homes, and even to the homes of people that he didn’t even like that much. It was that day that everyone agreed to help him build a spaceship. His sole mission was to explore the universe and discover the most outlandishly delicious, incredible, edible treats and bring them home for everyone to share! For much of the next century, he did just that.

Every year or so, the ship would return to the planet to share the bounty with family and friends (and even the people he didn’t even like that much). The people treasured these occasions. So much so in fact that they believed that the food and cheer the young man-now-turned-Space Captain brought back to them was as valuable as gold.

From that point forth, as the legend goes, the people named him Goldbely. Captain Goldbely. Why the one L in Bely you ask? Well, that is a story for a different day…