Legendary New York Bagels & Smoked FIsh
Zabar's is quintessential NYC. From the smoked fish and bagels to babka and rugelach, you'd be hard pressed to find anyplace anywhere with even half as many amazing Jewish delicacies under one roof.
Joe Ariel - CEO, The Marco Polo of Food

With crowds like a U2 concert and lines like the DMV, Zabar’s specialty food store on the Upper West Side is undoubtedly one of the best known landmarks in New York City, famed for its vast selection of premium cheeses, olives, smoked meats, and more (<——insert list of items being sold on GB). Every week a whopping 40,000 New Yorkers and out-of-towners mob the store for its unparalleled array of gourmet goods.

Founded by Louis Zabar in 1934, Zabar’s commitment to selling only the highest quality food at the fairest price has been a tenet of their business from the get-go. Whether you wanna upgrade your picnic basket spread or bang out a Food Network level meal at home, there’s no way not to love the place that once famously sold caviar at a loss in its zeal for offering the lowest prices to their customers. Score one for all humans who eat food!

We're not the only ones who love them!

Zabar's is no newcomer to the media: it is mentioned in the 1998 film You've Got Mail, the 2009 TV series V and episodes of Will & Grace, Dream On, How I Met Your Mother, Mad About You, Friends, Sex and the City, The Nanny, Seinfeld, & the West Wing.