Slingshot Coffee Company

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee From Raleigh, N.C.
When I first discovered Slingshot coffee, not only did I fall in love with how refreshing and smooth it is. I love, love, LOVE their motto: "Sip it by yourself. Make it for a friend. Share it with a stranger. Whatever you do, Enjoy it!" So that is exactly what I do, and you should too.
Vanessa Torrivilla - The Pie Pimp

We’ve bean around the world and sipped a latte coffee in our day, but nothing quite jolts us like the unique, concentrated cold-brew that Raleigh’s beloved Slingshot Coffee serves up using Counter Culture Coffee beans. With the trailblazing, genius philosophy of using only organic beans from seasonal crops, you’ll never get exactly the same brew twice. Each bottle is small-batch made to order with a handwritten brewing date so you know you’re getting a phenomenal, quality cup o’ joe every time. Your daily grind was never so fabulous!