Shotwell Candy

Timeless Handmade Caramels From Memphis
The first time I tried these I was so delighted that I was nearly brought to tears. The manner in which one describes a fine wine is how you describe these candies; A smooth and creamy start with a pretzel/salt finish.
Joel Gillman - The Food Dealer

Jerrod Smith is something of a superman. Corporate lawyer by day, confectioner by night, and dad by both, Shotwell Candy’s head confectioner and founder churns out some of the creamiest and most delightful caramels we’ve ever had the pleasure to chew. These small-batch, buttery soft caramels were inspired by Jerrod’s great-grandfather “Grandpa Shot,” who owned a general goods store that the family would sneak bites of candy from. From this treasured family memory, Shotwell Candy was founded to offer the timeless flavors found only in the most carefully crafted, highest quality sweets.

We’re totally in love with the Beer & Pretzel caramel – chewy cubes of hand-wrapped caramels spiked with Ghost River Brewing’s Copperhead Red Ale and then topped with crushed, salty pretzels. We don’t even care where he hides his cape – just as long as he keeps on bangin’ these bad boys out.