Salt Lick Bar-B-Que

Don't Mess with Texas! BBQ That Is.
When ya think of Texas BBQ, the first thing that comes to mind is beef. More specifically, I dream of texas brisket. The gold standard can be found at Salt Lick BBQ where they slow smoke it for 20 hours until it hits the perfect combo of smoky, tender juiciness. I'm salivating just thinking about it!
Joe Ariel - CEO, The Marco Polo of Food

The roots of The Salt Lick run back to Mississippi in the mid-1800s. Scott Roberts, the current owner of the Salt Lick, had a great-grandmother, Bettie Howard, who came to this land from Desoto, Miss. in 1867. On the trip by wagon train to Driftwood, Bettie barbequed meat by searing it and then slow cooking it over coals – the same method the family uses today.

Fast Forward to 1967, Scott’s father Thurman, who was known for his delicious barbeque at family reunions, decided he would cook meat for paying customers. Thurman and his two sons built a huge barbeque pit. Thurman would go to the pit on Thursday night and start cooking. He stayed for the weekend, sleeping on a cot, until all the meat sold. The Salt Lick has grown from there. The Roberts family now serves mouthwatering barbeque to thousands of folks each week.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Salt Lick has been featured in Forbes, the Food Network and Man v. Food. They have also featured as best BBQ in Texas Monthly magazine and in People Magazine.