Peter Luger Steak House

Brooklyn's Most Legendary Steakhouse
After 125 years, this is still a go-to spot for tourists & locals. It's THE steak house that all others model after and I still marvel at the fact that I can have it shipped! Their steaks are iconic & amazing, and their signature sauce? Let's put it this way, I have a friend who carries it in her purse and puts it on everything, even at other restaurants. TRUE STORY!
Vanessa Torrivilla - The Pie Pimp

Established in 1887 in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, this epic house of meat has been named The Best Steakhouse in New York City by Zagat for a whopping 28 years in a row. That kind of fame is hard earned: perfectly juicy Porterhouse Steaks cut in massive linebacker portions makes Peter Luger’s the reigning go-to spot in New York for ravenous carnivores of all kinds. And after lots of cajoling and outright begging, customers can finally order their signature steak sauce, too. Incredible on steak – of course – but all kinds of magic on chicken, burgers, and seafood as well.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Peter Luger's boasts one Michelin star. In 2002, it was named to the James Beard Foundation's list of "America's Classics."