Lou Malnati's Pizza

Chicago's King of Deep Dish Pizza
For a New York guy like me to publicize his love for Chicago Pizza, it's gotta be off the charts! Lou's classic pies are buttery, crusty, cheesy and delicious. They're versatile too. You can kick it healthy-style with the spinach topping, or keep it real with Chi-Town's classic house made sausage.
Joe Ariel - CEO, The Marco Polo of Food

Considered the Royal Family of Chicago-style pizza, Lou Malnati’s history is as rich as its pizza is in flavor. Lou began making deep-dish pizza with his father Rudy in the 1940s, taking that pie-making knowledge and experience to eventually open his own pizzeria in 1971. It’s been a Chicago icon ever since, with a whopping 36 locations now in operation today and countless devotees across state borders. The epitome of classic Chicago Deep Dish, or “pie,” as locals call it, the Malnati family uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available. The secret recipe for the flaky, buttery crust and exclusive sausage blend is amazing. The tomato sauce is made from the finest, vine ripened plum tomatoes and each pie is loaded with thick slices of mozzarella. But the real key to Malnati’s amazing pie? According to Rick Malnati it’s in the water; he swears that Lake Michigan H20 adds the kind of magic touch that only Malnati’s can dish out. Whatever the secrets of unparalleled taste are, we’re completely hooked.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Lou's has been featured on shows like: Road Tasted, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Pizza Wars, Chef Vs. City, America's Test Kitchen, and Food Wars.