Boudin Bakery

San Francisco's Famous Sourdough Since 1849
The best sourdough bread I've ever had. I can just eat a whole loaf with nothing else, no joke. But when I discovered their animal shaped doughs, I realized what perfect gifts they make. They are so cute I sometimes don't know if I should cuddle them or eat them!
Vanessa Torrivilla - The Pie Pimp

Some say it is the sweet water. Some say it is the fresh Pacific air. Whatever the source, the result is the same: fragrant, tangy San Francisco sourdough bread, unlike any bread in the world. Created more than a century and a half ago in a tiny, old-world bakery owned by the Boudin family, the distinctive sourdough taste is developed in the mother dough, the yeasted dough used to start every loaf. So prized is this dough that long after other bakeries moved on to the more convenient, but less flavorful, cake yeast, Boudin continued to use their sourdough starter. In fact, so prized is this mother dough that during the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, Lousie Boudin saved it in a bucket as the city shook and burned around her. Still made with the original mother dough, and still containing no fats, sugars, or preservatives, the Boudin sourdough bread enjoyed today is the same Boudin sourdough bread San Franciscans have been enjoying for more than a 150 years.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Boudin's legendary sourdough has been featured in USA Today, The SF Chronicle, The NY Times and on Travel Channel.