Special Edition 23K Gold Bacon

This package includes 1 Gold Covered Strip of Chocolate Bacon.

Baconery set out to create THE MOST DECADENT CHOCOLATE EVER. You can call this the fanciest bacon on the planet.

Baconery’s most epic creation combines Nueske’s cherrywood-smoked bacon, Guittard semisweet dark chocolate and 23-karat edible gold flakes. YES, WE SAID GOLD FLAKES (and BACON).

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This Special Edition Chocolate made for a KING, caught the eye and tastebuds of the Huffington Post Editors, who said " Looks Pretty Bad But Tastes Spectacular". Branding it their “new favorite candy bar”.

The taste really is heavenly, no artificial smoked bacon flavor up in here! It has a natural & delicious smokey-meaty flavor, with just a touch of dark chocolate sweetness.

Ok fine, we admit, the gold doesn’t add to the taste, it’s just what makes it fit for a King! Pretty fancy huh?

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Handmade to order
& Shipped From New York, NY